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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 16/21 (November 2021)

ARIPO Accession to Harare Protocol by Seychelles read more

Australia Important Changes to Design Law Ahead read more

Brazil Position Mark Now Registerable read more

Bulgaria New Electronic Payment Features read more

China Switch to Electronic Trademark Registration Certificates read more

Finland Companies that Failed Filing Financial Statements Are Removed from Trade Register read more

Finland Customer Service Reopened read more

Seychelles Accession to ARIPO read more

Singapore Amendments to Trade Marks Rules Effective read more

Turkey Trademark Examination Guidelines Extended read more

United Arab Emirates Changes to Patent and Designs Law read more

WIPO 2022 Version of Nice Classification read more

Issue 15/21 (October 2021)

Costa Rica Common Practice on Graphic Representation of Designs (CP6) read more

Croatia Administrative Fees in National Proceedings before IP Office Abolished read more

EUIPO European Network of Authenticities Website Launched read more

EUIPO Pan-African IP Project Launched read more

Kazakhstan Labelling of Medicines and Footwear Becomes Mandatory read more

Monaco Common Practice on Absolute Grounds for Refusal (CP3) read more

Russian Federation CIS Countries Sign New Cooperation Agreement against Use of False TMs and GIs  read more

Saudi Arabia Trademark Enforcement Matters Assigned to SAIP read more

Slovakia Slovak City Certified as Authenticity  read more

Sudan Official Fees Increased read more

Switzerland Accession to Geneva Act of Lisbon Agreement on Appellations of Origin and GIs read more

United Arab Emirates Accession to Madrid Protocol read more

USA New Mailing Address for USPTO Deposit Account Replenishments read more

Uzbekistan Procedure for Registration of Medical Devices Simplified read more

Venezuela Official Fees Changed read more

WIPO Accession to Geneva Act of Lisbon Agreement on Appellations of Origin and GIs by Switzerland read more

WIPO Accession to Madrid Protocol by UAE read more